Print in Color

Print In Color

Just like City Blueprint made the transition from traditional bluelines to digital black and white prints, an industry-wide adoption of color is taking place at a rapid pace. The reason is quite simple: Printing in color saves time, saves money, and keeps your project moving forward.

Why Print in Color?

  • Color reduces errors
  • Color saves money
  • Color enhances communication
  • Color improves efficiency
  • Color ensures on-time delivery
  • Color highlights corrections, priorities, and concerns

The Facts

  • According to Lyra Research, $1 invested in color printing can yield $4 in savings for a given project.
  • Studies show that 70-90% of projects exceed the original planned cost and overruns commonly reach between 50-100% of the budget. 21% of the time, the poor exchange of information and bad communication causes errors at work.
  • In up to 65% of the cases, color documents are more easily understood and the information is retained at higher rates versus monochrome documents.
  • Color drafts reduce failure cost on building sites by 3.9%.
  • Printing in color reduces errors by 80%.

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